From Pushing and Striving to Remembering How Creation Really Works

Are you tired of the yang, push forward way of creating? As a Healer this is not your pathway. Your way is to ground your visions into the rhythms of the earth and stars and birth a brand new (very ancient) way of sharing your gifts, as widely as your soul is called

I'm Sara Estelle and I'm Happy to Meet you Here

I'm Sara Estelle, a Nature Guide specialising in Flower and Vibrational Essences, A Business Mentor to Healing Business Owners and Priestess of the New Earth.

I live in the beautiful rolling hills of South West France!

I turned to Flower and Vibrational Essences and nature-based healing in my early 40s following debilitating anxiety and sadness in my life.

I experienced such deep transformation that I now dedicate my life to supporting others move past trauma, shift limiting beliefs and deeply embedded emotional responses so that they can embrace their unique magical selves and become empowered change-makers in the world.

One of the deepest and most magical ways that I transformed my life was by reconnecting to the rhythms of our planet Gaia and finding practical and mystical ways of using these cycles to "move" the energy in my life.

Doing this both calmed and healed me and began to shift my life in the most miraculous ways. For many years I had been following the seasonal and lunar cycles - they brought meaning to to my life during times of challenge.

In 2015 my family and I relocated to France - a long held vision of ours and the support that we received from nature and the celestial kingdoms could not have been greater.

This is a view of our land to the North of Bordeaux in the South West of France. Many of my own personal Manifesting allies live here - Oak, Pine, Willow and Snowdrop to name just a few....

Since then my passion to pass this remembering and experience onto other Healers just like you has blossomed and it is one of my deepest passions to support you.

For many years I have only shared this information in a closed group with clients and it is now time to share this with you too.

I'd be honoured if you came to join us.

Do you yearn for a feminine, wise and resilient way to grow your healing business?

If you are looking for a Community of Healers who all use the lunar and earthly cycles to live their lives and grow their businesses, then look no further

  • Are you looking for a way to begin or grow your healing that works with Nature's Time?

  • Do you feel lonely and misunderstood by those around you?

  • Fed up with working in linear time that that keeps you stuck in the past?

  • Are you looking for a way of working that brings more ease and joy ?

  • And supports you in birthing your business in collaboration with Nature ?

  • Are you ready to activate your sacred gifts and step into your power?

Here is Esta's experience of Manifesting with the Moon

I now know when to set intentions and plan, to take action and Rest and Reflect

by Esta Robertson

"I love the moon and wanted to know how to work with the cycles, so that I could move forward with my business and personal goals. I was unfocused with my planning and intention setting, there wasn’t enough structure to my business. I didn’t have many clients and wanted to find a way to build my business. Since taking part and learning how to Manifest with the Moon, I have more regular clients and am gaining new ones all of the time. My pricing is far better and I am aligned with my life purpose. My focus and direction of where I want to take my business is much clearer. Personally I feel happier and more content with life. The fact that professionally I am moving in the direction I want and my business is growing is just great, and Manifesting with the Moon has helped so much with this. I now have a better understanding of the moon cycles and knowing when to set intentions and plan, to take action and to rest and reflect. It’s a fantastic journey and affects all parts of your life in a really positive way. Learning how to manifest in the right way changes everything"

Manifest each cycle via the phases of the moon

Doing it Once and Expecting it to Happen is the Old Way.

Instead find your own Manifestation Rhythm - we are all different! Set Powerful intentions with me LIVE each New Moon - Identify the feelings and beliefs that are keeping you stuck and learn magical ways to clear these - Take Bold Action on just ONE thing each cycle - Place structure into your life and business that can hold these energies for you ... .... Leaving you free to Show up in your Brilliance!

​We begin at each New Moon, and continue again and again and again

Here is what you will experience as part of your "Turn your Magic On- Manifesting with the Moon journey:

  • A supported experience of following the lunar cycle and experiencing first-hand how it feels to transform with the moon

  • You will learn to set deep and focused intentions at New Moon and then allow these intentions to grow and bloom as the lunar cycle progresses

  • Take part in a live interactive webinar at New Moon, where lead you through a process of setting an aligned intention for the lunar cycle ahead and an attunement to the energies of the current season. This webinar will be recorded should you not be able to attend live

  • Receive a guided activity at each of the eight phases of the moon phase that will give you an opportunity to reflect and take action

  • Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes. As a Certified Sacred Money Archetype Coach, I will show you how to use your natural gifts as a way to lead your life both personally and professionally This work on its own is life-changing

  • Learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money and identify steps you can take to own your own value, with confidence and clarity

  • Learn how to focus your intentions for manifestation, allowing you to align your desires with your unique gifts and thereby creating ease and flow in your personal and professional life

  • Learn how my own range of MoonFlower Essences can support you on your journey. I will also share information about other flower essence ranges – Bach Healing Herbs, Australian Bush and Alaskan essences.

Your Turn your Magic On Membership includes

Our Manifesting with the Moon programme, Foundational Level of Sacred Money Frequency Training, New Moon Alignment Live Meetings and Replays PLUS our Vibrant Facebook Community

Explore your Own Money Frequency

Learning my own Sacred Money Archetypes was one of the first steps I took to growing my business. Knowing my Top Archetype helped me get really clear on the beliefs that had been holding me back and most importantly what to focus on to bring me back into alignment As a trained Sacred Money Archetype Coach I am super happy to be able to do the same for you via the foundational level materials that are all part of our "Turn your Magic On - Manifesting with the Moon" Membership.

Here is Rebecca's experience of Manifesting with the Moon

My life had altered in ways that I could never have predicted

Rebecca Millar

At the time of signing up for my first Manifesting with the Moon I was at the start of a journey back to emotional wellness and felt at that time that my life had no purpose or direction. My therapist had suggested I look into using flower essences to support the work we were doing, in searching the internet I discovered the Essentially Flowers website and was entranced by the trainings on offer. The Diploma in Flower & Vibrational Essences really drew me but didn’t seem possible for me to do at that time, so I decided to BEGIN Manifesting with the Moon in 2014 to manifest the ability to undertake the training that was so drawing me. Six months after that first Manifesting with the Moon my life had altered in ways that I could never have predicted but I did find myself able to undertake the Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower & Vibrational Essences. Each time I engage with Manifesting with the Moon, I move further forward in my life with ease – I have completed my training, moved my family from Hampshire to Devon – as I write this I wonder how that depressed single mum of 3 (in 2014) managed to undertake all of this? The answer is by setting intentions and planning by the moon. My biggest discovery from Manifesting with the Moon is that by imagining how I would like my life to be, creating the intention to inform the universe of my wishes and planning how to do this in a way that follows the rhythms of nature, I can achieve my heart’s desires. If your heart has a dream, that at first seems impossible, try Manifesting with the Moon, you’ll be amazed by what you are able to make real.

Turn Your Magic On MTWM Membership

Includes FULL ACCESS to the Manifesting With The Moon Course, access to our monthly New Moon alignments, all designed to ground you into the sacred cycles of Co-Creation

  • A Live New Moon Alignment with Sara each New Moon

  • Exclusive content from Sara for each of the 8 phases of the lunar cycle

  • A vibrant Facebook community which will also feature member-only networking and lives with Sara each cycle

  • Special Guests at each Full Moon - Healers just like you who have used the Earth and Lunar Cycles to grow their businesses

  • Discover and Explore your very Own Money Frequency - Heal your Beliefs Around your Ability to Earn a Beautiful Income

Here is Fiona's experience of Manifesting with the Moon

I have learned to respect the lunar cycles and move and plan my life and business accordingly

Fiona Campbell

I was instantly attracted to the title of Manifesting with the Moon. I had never come across anything like this course before and the whole idea of experiencing and working with the lunar cycles intrigued me so much that something inside told me I had to do it and I signed up without hesitation -not like me at all. Little did I know what I was letting myself in for – what an amazing experience the journey was on so many levels of my life and, indeed, is continuing to be – because now I am totally hooked and have gone on to also do Sara’s other magical courses! Before starting the Manifesting with the Moon journey, I didn’t actually have a business. I kind of knew what I wanted to do, but it was all rather vague, still all up in the air and seemingly a long way off. I felt very frustrated. I didn’t have clarity, couldn’t focus and lacked the confidence and know-how to take the first steps necessary to start up my business. My experience with Manifesting with the moon started at the end of May 2017 – and I now actually have a business! I found the clarity I needed to align with my life purpose, define my mission and the confidence to be able to take the necessary steps to move forward. I am learning to respect the lunar cycles and move and plan my life and business accordingly. I now know when to set clear intentions, when to take action and move out in the world and then when to go inside, reflect and rest, ready for the next cycle. Discovering my Sacred Money Archetypes was a big ah-ha! They have helped me to understand my mindset very clearly, identify my gifts and challenges and learn how to use them in both my personal and professional life. The interaction with such amazing, like-minded and supportive people on the forum has given me the confidence to begin expressing my true self. Don’t waste time thinking about doing this course – just do it – it’s a win win situation! Sara is a wonderful teacher and guide and her webinars are so interesting and overflow with wisdom. You learn so much about yourself and the support and interaction on the Forum is absolutely priceless.

Become a Manifesting with the Moon Member and get ready to turn your magic ON!

Join us for £22 per month

Here is Sharon's experience of Manifesting with the Moon

Since I’ve been on Sara’s Manifesting With The Moon Journeys, my awareness has deepened to an even more profound level.

Sharon Keenan

I’ve worked with the Moon Phases for over 20 years, originally from a health perspective, to help optimise energy flows in the body. As a Reflexologist I used to notice that when the Moon was in Pisces my appointment book would be overflowing…. and my treatments more powerful than at other times. (In Western Astrology Pisces governs the feet…!) The book ‘Moon Time’ by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe was my ‘Bible’ for timing dental appointments and helping me stay in rhythm with the Moon. Since I’ve been on Sara’s Manifesting With The Moon Journeys, my awareness has deepened to an even more profound level. Following this sacred cycle, along with the combined energy of the group, has helped me become much more focused on my business and health goals. Setting intentions and then using the magnetic current of the Moon’s phases to bring them into manifestation, has been quite a revelation. Discovering which are the optimum times for business planning, taking action and reflecting and self-care, is a very empowering process and has transformed my Healing Business. Sara has created an extremely beautiful, efficient and powerful journey, based on her own very deep experience of Moon-Working. This makes manifesting extremely potent and rewarding. I have recommended Manifesting with the Moon to so many friends. colleagues and clients over the years… and I now heartily recommend it to you..!