Be Feminine. Be Empowered. Heal, Inspire and Make Money.

I believe all healers have the right to earn a nourishing and aligned income from their gifts. Take part this Autumn and receive our bonus Feminine Financial Flower Income Generator and learn a way to generate the flow of money on demand

Course begins New Moon Friday October 16th 2020

Are you tired of the push/strive energy of your outer world and have a longing deep inside to experience more than what your day to day life offers you?

Does the rose, the moon, the stars and the soft breeze beckon you when you look out the window? Perhaps you have kept this locked inside of you as no one understands.

Does the thought of co-creating with an energy larger than you call your soul? Somewhere deep inside a stirring happens when you remember how women used to BE and CREATE.

Would you love more Feminine “Juice” in your life?

Have you been following the “steps” to create the life or business that you want for a while yet there is something missing? Enough money? Joy? Freedom? A peaceful heart? Guilt free mind??

If any of the above speak to your heart, I urge you to read on as my Feminine Financial Flow Programme has been written with you in my mind and heart.

Feminine Energy is that Inner Voice that whispers through the heart space. The time has come for us to take action on that whispered voice.

Benefits of our Feminine Financial Flow Programme

The Feminine Financial Flow Program is absolutely for you if :

  • You are a healer with a business, a spiritual entrepreneur and you wish for more income and impact without the burn-out

  • You feel the call of the Sacred and the Divine Feminine

  • You wish to co-create in deeper ways with the Sacred energy that flows through you

  • You wish to learn to Invite and Accept the Flow of Money through your energy system

  • You are ready to make friends with money and crack your own unique money code via our Sacred Money Archetype materials

  • You have been following the “steps” to create the life or business that you want for a while yet there is something missing. (By the way the steps are still important…. you may just need more “feminine juice”).

  • You have been waiting for a programme that also teaches you how to use Flower Essences in your everyday life to raise your vibration and become more magnetic

Feminine Financial Flow is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a “results driven” programme. This is not the work that flows through me. A more feminine approach also can manifest “results” (my life and business are testimonies to this) but the approach is softer, more feeling based and may (or may not) take a little longer. You get to decide….

  • You are looking for a business mentoring programme. (Our Empowered Healer programmes offer you this). Feminine Financial Flow is all about opening to the flow of money through Source.

Are you ready to rise Healer? Is it your time?

If it is and you are, come join me. It will be my privilege to walk with you as we birth these new channels together.

Join our Feminine Financial Flow programme this Autumn and receive instant access upon payment.

5 weeks of materials that you can journey through again and again. Delivered to you via our membership site week by week.

Support from myself, Sara Estelle, and other healers in the group, via live weekly check-ins via our forum on Facebook.

Take part in our LIVE Autumn 2020 Feminine Financial Flow Income Generator and learn to create the flow of income you need when you need it. 

All with feminine ease and grace. Now that doesn't mean you don't need to take action - feminine energy can be empowered and fierce when needed. 

I'd be so honoured if you wish to join us.

Your Magical Bonuses for taking part

Receive these generous and aligned "LIVE" bonuses for taking part this Autumn

  • Manifesting with the Moon

    Join us this Autumn and benefit from 6 month membership to our Manifesting with the Moon programme. My flagship programme showing you how to manifest WITH the lunar cycles + invite to join LIVE New Moon Alignments (Value £199)

  • Feminine Financial Flow Income Generator

    You have the clarity and passion to do your soul's work but to truly have impact and freedom, we need income. We need the income to match our dreams. We need Feminine Financial Flow. Enter our Feminine Financial Flow Income Generator - created to work alongside the lunar cycles and bring through the cash you need to do what you came here to do. (Value

Your investment

Enrol in the full group program

Course curriculum

Be Feminine, Be Empowered, Heal, Inspire and Make Money

    1. Welcome - please watch and "absorb" the guidance in this video

    2. How to Plug YourSelf Back into Source effortlessly

    3. How to Find out Your Sacred Money Archteypes

    4. Your Sacred Money Archetype Assessment

    5. Your Sacred Money Archeytype Cards

    1. How to Use Flower Essences Safely and Easily

    2. How to use Flower Essences in a Mister

    3. How to Make a Dosage Strength Treatment Bottle for yourself

    4. An Introduction to the Magical World of Essences and How to Use them in your Life and Business

    1. How to Powerfully Use and Work with your Sacred Money Archetypes

    2. Co-Creation in Balance - Balancing your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine

    1. Balanced Co-Creation with Flower Essences

    1. Nourishing your Physical Realm

    2. Your Magical Money Tracker and How to Use It

    1. Essences for Nourishing the Physical Realm

About this course

  • 2 x £150.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content